Female Health products are indicated for Amenorrhea, Backache, Leucorrhoea, Carcinoma of Cervix, Climacteric complaints, Depression, Tenderness of vagina, Dysmenorrhoea, Fibroids, Hot flushes, Globus Hystericus, Irregular Menstruation, Lack of sexual desire, Menarche, Ovarian cyst, Pre-menstrual headache. 

We have wide range of products like Bakson's #B 31 Mensin Drops, Bakson's #B 7 Climacteric Drops, Bakson's #B 15 Female Drops, Bakson's #B 55 Fem Rheuma Drops, Bio-combination 13 for Leucorrhoea, Bio-combination 15 for Menstrual Troubles, Dr. Reckeweg R 75 Dysmenorrhoea Drops, Dr. Reckeweg R 50 Gynecological Drops, Dysmin Tablets, FemAid Suspension, Klimaktolan for menopausal symptoms and many more. 

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