dr. reckeweg r 83 food allergy drops

DR. RECKEWEG R 83 FOOD ALLERGY DROPS ( Dr. Reckeweg & Co Germany)

Food Allergy

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Dr.Reckeweg Homeopathy R83 Food Allergy Drops R83 Food Allergy Drops Indications : Food allergy. R83 Food Allergy Drops Mode of Action of Main Ingredients : •Coffea, Faex medicinalis, Lac,Saccharum, Solanum Iycopersicum, Solanum tuberosum : The above ingredients in dilute amounts provide antigenically desensiti-vization therapy to lower allergic response. •Adrenalinum : For direct hormonal effect against allergic symptoms. •Hepar : Glandular help for antihistaminic effect. •Histaminum : For antihistamine effects provides the best antiallergic response.

•5 to 10 drops 3 times daily is normally recommended, but some cases of extreme reactivity will react to this concentration •In these cases the drops should be put into a glass of water and then the patient should drink some of the water.

Food Allergy

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